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Strawberries & Cream Scones

The Scones Test – Strawberries & Cream Scones

Raise your hand if you're a baking purist.  Or something of one?  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE (like sparkly heart emoticon L-O-V-E) my stand mixer, but there are a few things I make that I absolutely insist be done by hand.  Muffins and scones, especially.  My favorite mixing bowl, and only a wooden spoon will do.  And if I'm going to all of that trouble, you bet your britches, I am only using REAL BUTTER.   If it were up to me, we'd only ever have real butter in the house.  But, alas, there's this other … [Read More...]

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Ohio's Hidden Gems

Ohio’s Hidden Gems – Ohio State Park Lodges

Since Baby Alex chose to present herself a couple weeks early, I am just now getting a chance to sit down and tell y'all about the amazing little trip the husband and I took right before she was born. Courtesy of Xanterra Parks, we were treated to a tour of three of Ohio's absolutely beautiful State Park Lodges and their surrounding areas. … [Read More...]


#EcoTravelwithadoba – adoba hotel Dearborn

In less than 24 hours, Baby Alex and I will be checking into adoba hotel in Dearborn, MI for a fun blogger event.  To say we're excited is an understatement.  Not only are we meeting up with some great blogger friends (and getting to meet some new ones), but we get to stay two nights in one of the best hotels I've ever set foot in. … [Read More...]

Thanksgiving Printables

Holiday Survival Guide 2014 – Festive Thanksgiving Printables

Welcome to the seventh week of the Holiday Survival Guide 2014!  This week we've got some festive Thanksgiving printables to share!  We've also got your top links from last week's link party and a new, fresh link party for all your your awesome Thanksgiving and Fall-ish posts! We're going to get you decluttered, … [Read More...]


$50 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway from Kinsights – Ends 11/20

If you're like me,  keeping track of the medical details of your kids can be a bit of a pain.  We rarely ever need to see a doctor, so it's easy for me to misplace just about anything related to their growth, milestones, etc.  And as many times as we've moved, transfers of records aren't always quick (or complete).  I wish … [Read More...]