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The Modern-Day House Call

I'm a big fan of some things that are Old-World.  One of my favorites is the House Call.  I mean, when you're sick, the last thing you want to go is put clothes on, deal with traffic (and if it's cold out...ugh) and then sit in a waiting room with other sick people who might give you something else...and waiting, and waiting, and waiting...for a whole 10 minutes with a  doctor and back out you go.   And if it's one of your kids that's sick it's all that...and then some.   After our baby was born in September, our … [Read More...]

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$25 Staples Gift Card Giveaway – $1000 Total Prizes – Ends 3/20

Is anyone else tired of the snow and cold and gloom yet?  Dreaming of a little sunshine and maybe some rainbows?  If you're in need of a little luck and maybe a pot of gold, well, we're giving away a total of $1000 in gift cards across 40 blogs! So take a little blog tour and discover we are each giving away a gift card worth … [Read More...]


Easy Mealtime Hacks for a Gluten-Free Life

I haven't really advertised this, but I've recently gone gluten-free.  I'm about four weeks into this lifestyle and I have to say that while it's not as difficult as I thought it was going to be, it's not exactly easy, either.  As a busy mom who runs a couple of businesses, homeschools, and has five kids underfoot, I need all the Easy … [Read More...]

Debt-Free Clutter-Free

7 Things Becoming Debt-Free Taught Me About Becoming Clutter-Free

Today we've got a guest post from Megan who writes about Living Tiny, Dreaming Big over at mcstarbuck.com.  She's sharing with us her wonderful insights on the correlation of debt and clutter and what she's learned about getting rid of both of them. What's the best thing about paying off $25k in student loans? It shows you what you're capable … [Read More...]


Creative Learning with Disney Imagicademy

We are HUGE Disney fans in this house.  We have a massive Disney movie collection (started well before we had kids) and our kids jump for joy over anything Mickey related. We also have very creative kids, especially our oldest.  But we're not real sure where she gets it from as neither Josh nor I are artistically inclined.   This … [Read More...]

February Round Robin Giveaway

$15 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway – $300 Total Prizes – Ends 2/20

We're a little over a month into the new year and I bet some of us are starting to fizzle a bit on the lofty (or not so much) goals we set back in December -- financial, organizing, fitness -- so just in case you need a little boost to get back to accomplishing some of them, we're giving away a total of $300 in gift cards across 20 blogs. … [Read More...]